Although Lemon Posset is quite possibly one of the simplest recipes in existence, there are many ways to make it really special. We selected organic Sicilian lemons for their intensely sweet and fragrant zest, and also stirred in a little organic creme fraiche from Hinxden Dairy in Kent to make it even creamier. Poured into elegant glasses and paired with an AVANTCHA Lavender Tea (a few blossoms sprinkled on top of the posset, too) and you have yourself something quite remarkable to offer at the table. 

Lavender Tea and Lemon Posset Tea Recipe

Serves: 6

Duration: 10 minutes, plus 2hr setting time (or overnight)

Lemon Verbena and Lavender Tea


2 Sicilian lemons 

Take 2 tsps zest and 5tbsps juice and set aside

170g caster sugar 

440ml double cream 

30ml creme fraiche


Bring sugar and cream and creme fraiche to boil stirring continuously, and lower heat so that it is bubbling gently

Continue to stir and cook for three minutes 

Remove from heat and stir lemon juice and zest through

Allow to cool and rest for 10 minutes before stirring once more and pouring into your chosen vessel

Place in fridge to set – this will take around two hours, or you can make the posset and leave it overnight

When ready to serve, sprinkle with Lavender Tea and fresh lemon zest


Cream is incredibly well suited to infusing with teas. You can find out more by reading our Versatility of Tea journal, or experiment for yourself.