A Guide to Christmas Tea Gifts for Tea Lovers

Christmas Tea Gift Guide – The Act of Giving

Looking for a lasting Christmas Tea Gift for a Tea Lover? Follow our guide, from small tokens to generous gestures, to find the present that’s just right for the ones you love. Be sure to check out our NEW Tea Advent Calendars. We’re really excited about them.

If you’re running out of time, there’s always our Digital Tea Gift Cards, too.

Luxury Loose Tea Advent Calendar

Tea Advent Calendars

We have just launched not one but two NEW Tea Advent Calendars, which means you can now enjoy a surprise AVANTCHA Tea every day for 24 days. The Luxury Tea Advent Calendar has beautiful drawers filled with little loose tea tins, as well as a practical extra, and the Tea Advent Calendar (pictured below) comes filled with our bestselling teabags, plus a few Festive Tea flavours, adorned with a giant sparkling snowflake.

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Teabag Advent Calendar - Minimalist
Blooming Tea Gift Sets for Christmas

Stocking Fillers

In need of something smaller but still stunning? Our Blooming Tea sets are incredibly popular at this time of year, and include 5 balls of tea that have been handsewn with flowers to unravel into a visual splendour in hot water (they look great in our Twin Teapots). Alternatively, our Matcha Collection makes a great smaller gesture for those that love Matcha and need a top up, or are new to Matcha but you want them to start with the very best.

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Matcha Stocking Fillers
thoughtful Christmas gifts for tea lovers

Tea Testing Sets

Our Arabian Collection launched earlier in 2023 and has become one of our bestselling tea gifts. Open the doors to the night sky to reveal twelve mini loose tea tins filled with our much-loved flavoured teas. What a way to explore a new world of exciting tastes.

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Premium naturally flavoured festive teas collection

Festive Teas Collection

You can buy our Festive Teas throughout the year because the flavours are so loved by our customers, but they become really appealing as the season gets underway. Made with all natural spices and ingredients, they’re designed to whisk you into different moods and places, like the markets of Europe with our AVANTCHA Noel, made with orange peel and cloves, or under snowy skies in the darkness of night with our Midnight Chocolate Mint.

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Christmas gifts for lovers of tea - a tea set for one

Tea Lovers Gift Set

Our Tea Lovers Gift Set is a tea set for one – including our Solo Teapot, a perfect tea measuring spoon, and a choice from four different caddies of loose leaf tea (Assam Breakfast, Majestic Earl Grey, Velvet Salted Caramel, or Midnight Chocolate Mint). Wrapped in a handcrafted, luxurious card box that’s pretty useful for reusing afterwards, too.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Tea Lovers.- Tea Set for Two

Tea Treasure Chest

Our Tea Treasure Chest is a luxurious tea gift set for two, encased in a gorgeous box with ultra-fine faux leather embellishment and marble inspired design. There’s no doubt that this wooden gift box will enchant your recipient. With embellishments on the corners, a wrought-metal latch, and a slot inside the lid to fit a personal message, we’ve taken care of all the little details.

It includes all the necessary utensils for a contemporary, urban tea ceremony:

Rose White Tea Tin
4 in 1 perfect tea-timer to brew the perfect cup
Solo Teapot
Double Wall Cup x 2
Perfect Tea Spoon

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Christmas Tea Gift Guide

Tea Humidor

And now for the very best in our Christmas Tea Gift Guide… These lavish Tea Humidor boxes combine style with the highest quality finish and finest details to keep your favourite teas at their best. Designed to be both insulating and humidity-controlling, each is handcrafted from Spanish Cedar. 

The AVANTCHA Humidor has been lacquered three times for superior sheen and feel. Humidors provide elegant counter storage with careful consideration for display and usage – the tray inside holds up to 40 AVANTCHA Teabags and can be laid flat or inclined to display the teas to guests. If you wish to store teas in various formats, the tray can be removed entirely from our humidors. Each humidor comes filled with a selection of our most popular silk teabags.

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Extra Reading

If you’re feeling more like making your presents this year, why not try this recipe for Midnight Mint White Chocolate Tea Truffles?

Be sure to check out our ‘Tea Gifts By Love Language Guide‘ too if you need more inspiration.

Luxurious minimalist loose tea advent calendar