Tea Gifts by Love Language: Tea Sets, Tea Tasters, Tea Presents

Tea Gifts By Love Language

In this guide, we explore the idea of tea gifts with a new approach. We’ve all read about love languages, right? It’s the definition of how you like to love, and be loved, and falls under five key behaviours, according to author and doctor Gary Chapman. They are:

  1. Words of Affirmation (the ultimate praise)
  2. Physical Touch (hugs)
  3. Acts of Service (like making someone a cup of tea) 
  4. Gifts (giving or receiving pressies) 
  5. Quality Time 

If their love language is already ‘gifts’ then you’re already halfway there, but what about the other four? Here are our top suggestions for your other half for Tea Gifts by Love Language.

Quality Time Tea Treasure Chest

A tea set for two with everything you need to enjoy togetherness. Each set comes with a caddy of our bestselling and romantic Rose White loose leaf tea.

Tea Gifts Tea Sets for Two including tea pot, cups, timer and spoon

Physical Touch Matcha Set

Our bestselling Matcha gift set allows the receiver to slowly, ceremonially make Matcha with beautiful tools that captivate and engage the senses.

Acts of Service Duo Tea Set

Practical can be gorgeous, too. This gift set comes with two loose leaf caddies of our most romantic teas: Rose White & Lavender Tranquility. 

Tea Gifts Tea Caddies filled with loose leaf wellness teas

Words of Affirmation Tea Humidor 

A handcrafted box made from Spanish cedar wood and filled with our bestselling tea bags. The ultimate gift for tea lovers who want the very best of everything.