Are Loose Leaf Teas or Teabags Better?

We get asked this question a lot – should I use loose leaf tea or teabags? – and we think the answer to loose tea vs. teabags is as simple as ‘whichever you prefer is better’. For the sake of weighing up the pros and cons though, we’ve created a quick guide on why you might choose to opt for one over the other. We personally like to use both for different reasons at different times.

The Benefits of Loose Leaf Tea

+ There are almost infinite varieties of loose leaf teas to choose from, meaning a wider opportunity to explore in the loose tea vs. teabags debate.

+ Loose leaf tea isn’t restricted in size – they have larger or longer leaves than tea inside teabags that has been broken to fit into the bag.

+ When you are brewing loose leaf tea, you will typically use a teapot (we have different sizes of glass teapots), giving the leaves plenty more space to move and infuse, which can result in a more balanced infusion.

+ There is less packaging and waste involved with loose leaf teas and you can compost the tea leaves once they have been infused.

+ Since loose tea is usually quickly packaged in a way which preserves the quality and freshness of the leaves, loose tea is usually fresher than teabags that undergo a longer packaging process.

+ You can control how much tea you use. Like it stronger? Use more. Like it weaker? Use less.

+ If you’re using a glass teapot, you have the pleasure of being able to watch your tea leaves develop in hot water – releasing their aroma, colour and flavour slowly.

The Benefits of Teabags

+ Total convenience. It doesn’t matter where you are, having a teabag handy is the easiest way to brew your favourite cup of tea on-the-go.

+ You need nothing more than a cup (our double walled glass cups are popular) and a kettle.

+ Teabags will pack easily into your bag or luggage, wherever you go, making it also easier to give to a friend to try!

+ Teabags are consistent – always the same weight, with specific brewing instructions. There’s no way to make a mistake cup so long as you follow the instructions.

+ If individually wrapped, they have an extended shelf life, protected from light, air, moisture and odour.

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