Festive Tea Chocolate Pairings… It’s not exactly surprising that chocolate and tea go really well together*. A hot, steaming cup of your very favourite with a square or two of chocolate, and a blissful scene is set. What’s more, there’s no end to the combinations, which is a really great excuse to keep creating decadent moments for yourself when you need one, or even as a tea and chocolate gift for someone you love.  

In light of this, we thought it best to put together a special festive guide to give you inspiration, in collaboration with Aneesh Popat at the Chocolatier. Aneesh has been called ‘the Heston Blutementhal of the chocolate world’ and echoes our values in exploring exciting and experimental flavour combinations, creating handmade indulgent chocolates with a selection of the finest single origin cacao in the world, and using natural ingredients only.

Aneesh tried and tested these combinations and excitedly reported back to us with his findings which, of course, we’ve been enjoying ourselves. Don’t miss the Midnight Chocolate Mint Tea and White Chocolate Truffles recipe he created for us at the end of this Festive Tea and Chocolate Pairing Guide.  

*Did you know that we have a Chocolate Tea Range, with exciting blends using real chocolate pieces, or natural chocolate flavouring?

Spiced Fruit Squash X Chocolate Mince Pie Caramels

The juicy, fruity and spicy notes of our Spiced Fruit Squash festive herbal tea pair beautifully with these Mince Pie Caramels that also have a little biscuit inside them. Ideal for that time of day when you just have to reach for something fun and sweet.  

Festive Tea and Chocolate

AVANTCHA Noel X Dark Chocolate Candied Orange

Our AVANTCHA Noel blend features smooth black tea with pieces of peel, cinamnon, cloves and cardamom. Alongside Aneesh’s Dominican Republic chocolate that is rich in fruity and floral notes with candied batons of bittersweet orange peel, this is a truly festive treat for winter evenings.  

Chai Tea Chocolate Pairing

Organic Masala Spice Chai X Milk Chocolate Chai Tea Almonds

The traditional spices of our Organic Masala Spice Chai tea are echoed in these toasted almonds wrapped in luxurious milk chocolate infused with warming spices. Both tea and chocolate have been inspired by the chai wallahs who make this drink an integral part of life on the Indian Railways.  

Pairings - Festive Tea with Chocolate

Midnight Chocolate Mint X Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp

This rich black Midnight Chocolate Mint tea is uplifted with natural mint essence and fluttering snowflakes of white chocolate and worked brilliantly with Aneesh’s dark chocolate bar from the southern coast of the Dominican Republic, studded with delicious peppermint infused sugar. An intensely minty and refreshing experience.  

Festive Tea Chocolate Pairings

Velvet Salted Caramel X Caramel Chocolate Vanilla & Nutmeg

This festive Velvet Salted Caramel tea blend is made with black tea and natural pieces of roasted apple, whole spices and shards of caramel. Aneesh recommends it alongside his Salted Caramel Truffles – a luscious caramel centre encased in a remarkably smooth and delicious cocoa dusted dark chocolate. A great pairing for indulgent festive afternoons.  

Tea Infused Chocolate Truffle Recipe - Festive Tea Chocolate Pairings

Midnight Chocolate Mint Tea Infused White Chocolate Truffles

For this recipe, we chose our Midnight Chocolate Mint black tea purely on the basis that we could then also dust the truffles with a little candy cane for a little crunch. Find out how, with thanks to the Chocolatier Aneesh for the recipe.