All photography for The Gentlemen ™/© Netflix. Used with permission.

As part of the launch of Netflix’s new series ‘The Gentlemen‘ – a spin off series from Guy Ritchie’s acclaimed film – four luxury brands came together to create a capsule collection fit for a gentleman, inspired by the show’s main characters who are a complex blend of aristocracy and dark criminal gangster.

At AVANTCHA, we created two tea blends to suit the leading men. A Majestic Earl Grey for ‘good guy’ Eddie and a Chocolate Chilli for ‘bad boy’ Freddy.

Majestic Earl Grey Tea for Eddie in The Gentlemen by Netflix
Majestic Earl Grey Tea
Chocolate Chilli Tea for Freddy in The Gentlemen by Netflix
Chocolate Chilli Tea

These are available in gift sets, our sleek black tea caddies, and teabag boxes. We also had a lot of fun designing a series of Tea Drink recipes with each tea at the heart.

Chocolate Chilli Infused Whisky Cocktail
Chocolate Chilli Old Fashioned
Majestic Earl Grey Mistress


Ettinger, one of the few remaining luxury leather goods companies still manufacturing in the UK, created a sleek collection of leather accessories for The Gentlemen Capsule Collection. A British heritage brand, Ettinger’s collection has been designed to celebrate the nobility and elegance portrayed in the series while maintaining a certain edge to reflect the journey of its main character ‘Eddie’, played by Theo James, as he navigates his way from aristocrat to criminal mastermind. Made using black goat leather, each of the five pieces from the collection feature the striking Halstead family shield, adding to the distinct “Britishness” that Ettinger has become known for worldwide. 

The collection includes Limited Edition iterations of:-

  • Capra Billfold Wallet, £215
  • Capra Flat Card Case, £140
  • Capra Pill Case, £180
  • Capra Travel Shoe Horn, £85
  • Capra Double Watch Roll, £340

All products available to purchase online here: The Gentlemen – Ettinger London

Watch Roll from Ettinger

Truefiit & Hill

Watching in wonderment as Eddie Horniman, the Duke of Halstead’s character smoulders throughout the hotly anticipated The Gentlemen series, British heritage male grooming brand Truefitt & Hill,  is reminded of similar swells and bucks who continue to pass through its haloed doors. Royalty, aristocrats, movie stars and stylish rouges, Truefitt & Hill have seen them all – some gentleman ahead of their time, some gentleman most of the time, sharing a love of one aroma: the sleek scent of Sandalwood.

Suitably packaged with crest and regal embellishment, The Gentlemen Sandalwood from Truefitt & Hill packs a punch. It has taste, has swagger and seethes with a rich perfume – at its core lavender with a rich top note of lemon and bergamot that plays with the more anchored base note of sandalwood, musk and amber. The Gentlemen Sandalwood has the room by adding a dominant fragrant layer that says I am in charge, I am king, I am The Gentleman.  

All products available to purchase online here: The Gentlemen – Truefitt & Hill

Sandalwood Cologne from Truefitt & Hill

Henry Poole & Co

The inspiration behind our products for the Netflix show “The Gentlemen” lies firstly in picking items that are at once traditional, yet perfectly suited to the wardrobe of the modern, well dressed man.  This line of thinking brought us firstly to cufflinks: an essential accessory of formal dress still very widely enjoyed today.  In time honoured tradition, we have taken the stag which forms the crest atop the Halstead family arms and placed it on the face of a pair of traditional chain link cufflinks, thus creating a timeless accessory.  

To complement our cufflinks we wanted to offer something which everyone could enjoy, regardless of formality of dress and opted for a silk scarf of lightweight wool.  The chosen silk incorporates a design referencing elements from the show in navy on an ivory ground, with a lightweight wool in matching navy on the reverse side.  The beauty in this scarf lies not only in the luxurious silk and wool mixture, but also in its versatility; a great everyday piece which also pairs well with more formal attire, such as a dinner suit or velvet jacket. 

All products available to purchase online here: The Gentlemen – Henry Poole & Co

Patterned Scarf from Henry Poole